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I cursed again as I remembered I didn’t have it with me. I was staying with my Mother-in-law, and her stupid German Shepard had woken me up at the crack of dawn barking at something or other he’d taken offense to. I crawled out of bed and quietly opened the door, careful not to wake my still sleeping partner. The light had begun to seep into the hall, gently illuminating my way. I stepped slowly, careful to mind any creaking boards so as not to wake anyone else. On my way to the bathroom I had to walk past my sister-in-law’s bedroom, I noticed that the door was slightly ajar, the murky morning light inching it’s way though her open curtains, and I couldn’t help myself! At sixteen she was a peach, beautifully slim with nicely rounded breasts and an ass to die for. She was forever wondering around with skimpy tops and cropped trousers on and I took every opportunity to get a good look. She didn’t seem to mind either, just the evening before we’d sat watching a late-night sci-fi movie together after everyone else had gone to bed and she just came on over with a blanket and plopped herself down almost in my lap. Next thing I know she’s snuggled up to me so close I can feel her heart beating. I’m amazed she didn’t notice how turned on I was, those beautiful breasts pushing against me, my arm around her shoulders squeezing her tighter. . . oh, it’s making me hot just thinking about it!
Anyway, so I’m walking past her room at 5.30 in the morning and I see her door is open, I figure she’s probably still asleep and just can’t resist a little peek. My heart feels like it’s in my mouth as I gently push the door open and step though. Jackpot! She’s lying there in her double bed, duvet twisted around her well formed young body totally naked! She’s on her back with her left leg hanging over one side of the bed and I can see one of her firm breasts with its beautiful nipple slightly darker than the rest of her tanned body. I’m immediately horny and it takes most of my will power not to jump onto her. Carefully I push the door closed, it makes a soft click and I freeze as I make sure she’s still sleeping. I move closer to her and crouch down to get a better look. I look up at her face, sure she can hear my now labored breathing but she’s still and quiet, that superb uncovered breast slowly rising and falling with her breath. Gingerly I lift my hand and wipe my sweating palm on my pajama pants before very, very gently touching her exposed leg with my finger tips. Holding my breath I glance up at her, no movement, still breathing steadily, thank God! I allow my hand to slowly spread out until it’s flat against her thigh. I slip my other hand inside my pants and begin to lightly stroke myself. Oh, the feeling is so good! The hand on her leg moves upwards, just brushing the hairs, sending an electric sensation through me and I wonder how far I dare to go. Pushing the duvet up to her hip I groan at the sight of her beautiful bare pussy, the fair wisps of hair covering her slightly protruding, glistening lips driving me almost to distraction. I don’t want to cum yet. This is so good, and I might never get another chance like it. I sit back for a moment, just staring at her still sleeping form. Moving away from her pussy I start to lightly stroke her cheek and neck and she sighs. I hold dead still, don’t even dare to blink, I can’t bear to think what will happen to me if she wakes up and finds what I’m doing. She settles herself deeper into the bed, pushing the covers back slightly, giving me better access to her virgin body. But she’s still asleep. My heart’s in my mouth, but somehow that just seems to make it better, I have never been this turned on and even if I wanted to I don’t think I could stop now. She’s so hot. My hand continues on its journey now, a little firmer, a little surer, and with my other hand still rubbing myself, my mouth quickly follows. I start with a quick, quiet kiss on the top of her breast and, when she doesn’t stir I move my head down to her nipple, kissing and then very gently licking it. It soon puckers under the firm, wet pressure of my tongue and I resist the temptation to suck it into my mouth, give it a quick nip. Oh God, I want to hear her yelp in pain, groan in pleasure. I pull myself away again, needing her, but terrified to carry on, not trusting myself. Taking my hand away from her body I raise my own a little, better to reach her, and move my way down the bed until I’m staring straight at her tight little pussy. I can smell her. She smells fresh and young and good and I’m aching to have her. 
The sights and smells of my young sister-in-law are suddenly way too much for me and I cum over my hand, the fluid pumping out of me. My vision blurs and I double over, the orgasm washing through me, I think I make a sound, I don’t know, I don’t really care, I just don’t want it to end. I can still smell her, my face is still next to that untouched pussy. I breathe deeply, knowing that this is probably the first, last and only time I will be this close to her. Finally I take my hand from my pants, dripping with cum. That trip to the bathroom really can’t wait now, I know I have to leave her. Awkwardly standing up I bend over to give her a final kiss on the forehead and take one last look at her body, bathed in the inky morning light. As I do, she opens her eyes and grins at me, I almost drop dead from fright on the spot! "Morning Lizzy" my sixteen year old sister-in-law says as she rolls over and snuggles down into her bed.
Well, I just about ran out of her room, half terrified she was going to scream for help, but, as I sat in the bathroom and thought about it, I realized with a tingly sensation that flooded my cunt, that she hadn’t screamed, and that she seemed to have liked it, and I definitely don’t regret what I did, hey, if you were there wouldn’t you have done it too? I’m not going to be able to look my husband in the eye for a while, but then it wouldn’t be so much fun if there were no consequences! All things considered, maybe that damn dog’s not so bad after all!

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